Thursday, August 18, 2016

July 2016

South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association – July Minutes July 25, 2016

The SCTAA met on June 25th with 29 in attendance.  We had two new visitors who became new members.Nick & Donna Cziwey.
Upcoming Events.

Buckeye Championship 8/20-21/2016, Concord, OH
SCTAA Lake Lure Hunt 10/8/16( thanks Rebecca for catching the error last month)
The Deep South Treasure Hunt in Birmingham is the same day as the Lake Lure Hunt.  If anyone is interested, the flyer will be on the table.

The upcoming Lake Lure Hunt is on track.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their $40 to cover the cost of the hunt as early as possible.  The price of silver continues to drift higher.

We have several volunteers for the Spartanburg HobbyCon at the library on September 10th at HobbyCon at the Spartanburg library.  Anyone else who wishes to join us is welcome.  Talk to Vince
Miscellaneous:  Maggie donated an 1887 silver dollar and a bag of squash and cucumbers.


(In the event of tie, the name listed is the coin prize winner, but everyone else gets the points who placed in the tie.)

COIN – 1st–Bobby Holliday: 2nd- Alton Williams; 3rd- Doug Gillette
JEWELRY - 1st - Bobby Holliday; 2nd – Chad Gouine; 3rd – Vince DiCarlo
WHAT IS IT? - 1st–Eben Fletcher;2nd - Bobby Holliday; 3rd- Vince DiCarlo
MILITARY - 1st– Tom Goettsche: 2nd-  Haskell Staton; 3rd - Colin Fowler
OTHER  - 1st -  Bobby Holliday: 2nd -Colin Fowler; 3rd - Eben Fletcher
# OF COINS – 1st– Bobby Holliday (400) : 2nd– Maggie Moffatt (276) ; 3rd - Carter Mahaffee and Roy Evans  (178)  ( What are the odds?)

Financial:  The old balance was $1029.10.  At the end of the meeting we had a new balance of 1385.60.
August has five Mondays, so the meeting comes early.  It will be August 22nd.

Vince DICarlo, SCTAA Secretary.


  1. My wife and I are newbies and just starting out. Are you all still meeting?

  2. My wife and I are newbies and just starting out. Are you all still meeting?

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